Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files containing a set of information that websites transmit to the visitor’s computer or mobile device. Cookies allow you to browse websites efficiently and perform certain functions.

Cookies can be classified according to duration and source:


Session cookies – they are temporary cookies that are stored for the duration of the session and destroyed when the link is closed.

Persistent cookie tracking – cookies that allow websites to recognize users on their next visit, speeding up or improving the use of the services or features offered.


Cookies can be classified as first party cookies or third party cookies; the first are transmitted from the site that the user is visiting, while the third party cookies, or third-party cookies, are transmitted from sites other than that to which the user is connected.

The cookies used by this site fall into the following categories:

Essential cookies (classified as “strictly necessary”): they are essential to allow the user to browse the site and use its functions, for example access to restricted areas. When accessing the “My Account” area, our site transmits a session cookie to the user’s computer that is stored on the hard disk only for the duration of the visit (called “active session”). The cookie is removed at the end of the active session.

Performance cookies: they are used for the purpose of analyzing web data to monitor site usage, visits to different pages and visitor trends over time. The collection of data is aimed solely at managing the performance and design of the site. Although these cookies are third-party (Google Analytics), the information collected is for the exclusive use of this site.

Functionality cookies: allow the site to remember the choices made by the user (such as language or geographical area) and to customize the features offered. This site uses cookies for functionality to identify professional investors and direct them to areas of the site reserved for this category of users.

Advertising cookies: we use third party persistent cookies to collect information about the user for advertising and targeted marketing purposes. In addition to cookies, we use pixel tags or transparent GIF files (also called beacons) to customize content. These cookies do not compromise the user’s privacy or security, as they do not collect specific personal data:

Other third party cookies – moreover, this site uses widgets within some sites to allow the sharing of content through social networks. These widgets, like the Facebook “Share” or “Like” buttons, will be visible on the page visited by the user. The use of these cookies is beyond the control of this site and it is advisable to visit the aforementioned sites for further information on data collection and control procedures applied by them.

Disabling cookies (Opt out)

Cookies can be deactivated in different ways. You can configure the browser to block all cookies or to allow only the activation of cookies from “safe” sites, or to only accept cookies from the site to which you are currently connected. The choice to block all cookies can create problems of access to some areas of this site.

For more information on cookies, see; the site provides information on the procedure to follow to check and delete unwanted cookies that the user has already accepted.

To disable some third party cookies on this site, please use the following links:

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