Measurement of the dog

Once you have identified the type of conformation of your dog, you can proceed to the following measurements, with a measuring tape, to identify the correct size of your 4-legged friend:

Measure the length of the trunk, from the base of the neck (adjacent to the withers) to the insertion of the base of the tail. The measure, in centimeters, that will come out, will be the one to refer to to order the product on our site.
We advise you to round up. For example, if the length of your dog was 40 centimeters, the size to be preferred would be 43 centimeters.



In case you have doubts, before making the purchase, you can contact our customer service for more information.
In this case, if your dog has a particular shape, it may be useful to also indicate the circumference of the chest and the circumference of the base of the neck.